Should I Get Dental Sealants?
By John M Burns DDS
May 31, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Would you like to reduce your cavity risk? Dental sealants can help protect your pre-molars and molars from the effects of tooth decay. dental sealantsDr. John Burns in Hingham, MA, shares some information about this important dental treatment.

Sealants add a protective coating to teeth

If you run your tongue over your back teeth, you'll notice that they aren't completely flat. The ridges and indentations in the teeth help you tear and chew foods, but they can also provide the perfect place for plaque and bacteria to collect. Although brushing and flossing is usually very effective in removing plaque from your teeth, the indentations in your molars and pre-molars are so small that your toothbrush can't reach them.

Sealants fill in the small pits in the teeth, preventing plaque and bacteria from damaging the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Liquid sealants are made from resin, a plastic-based material that's very durable. When you visit Dr. Burns' Hingham office, he'll apply an etching solution to your teeth that will help the sealants adhere to your teeth. After the sealants are brushed on to your teeth, they're hardened with a curing light. The entire process only takes a few minutes and is completely pain-free.

Who can benefit from sealants?

Sealants have been recommended for children for years, but they also can help adults avoid cavities. Children receive sealants once their permanent pre-molars and molars erupt. Applying sealants to these teeth is particularly important because the teeth are a little weak and more likely to develop cavities when they first break through the gums. Sealants provide much-needed protection for these teeth.

Many dental insurers cover sealants for children, but may not offer coverage for adults. Although you may have to cover the complete cost of sealants if you're an adult, they aren't particularly expensive and can protect your teeth for up to 10 years.

Sealants offer a simple, inexpensive, effective way to prevent tooth decay whether you're a child or an adult. If you'd like to protect your pre-molars and molars, call Hingham, MA, dentist, Dr. Burns, at (781) 749- 6750 to schedule an appointment.


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