The Difference Between Crowns And Bridges
By John M. Burns, D.D.S.
May 09, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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What you need to know about dental crowns and bridges from your Hingham dentist

The main difference between a dental crown and a dental bridge is how many teeth are involved. A crown covers the visible surface of a crowns and bridgessingle existing tooth. A bridge is designed to replace one or more missing teeth and involves both the area of the missing teeth, and the teeth in front and behind the bridge area. For example, if you need a bridge to replace two adjacent missing teeth, you would need a “four-unit” bridge to replace the missing teeth and to attach to the tooth in front and the tooth behind the bridge. But there are other differences too, and Dr. John M. Burns, in Hingham, Massachusetts, wants you to know all about today’s dental crowns and bridges.

Dental crowns and bridges like those provided by Dr. Burns create a better chewing function and restore the beauty of your smile. Crowns are a much better option than large, metal fillings both for beauty and strength. Crowns are resistant to breakage from chewing forces, but a large silver filling can actually weaken a tooth, literally cutting it in half. A large silver filling is very prone to breakage and can take some of your tooth with it if it breaks.

Dental crowns are also much more aesthetically beautiful because they can be made of porcelain which can be color-matched to provide a harmonious, natural look to your smile. Dr. Burns offers several dental crown materials to choose from including:

  • Full gold, the strongest crown material
  • Porcelain-fused-to-gold, both strong and beautiful
  • Full porcelain, the most beautiful and natural-looking crown material

Dental bridgework will give you back a complete smile, replacing your missing teeth. Bridges are made with both metal alloys for strength and porcelain for beauty. Bridges also restore complete chewing function, aiding your digestion and your overall health. They are usually preferable to removable partials because bridges are fixed in place and don’t move around. You will feel more confident because they are a fixed part of your smile.

Dr. Burns will create a seamless natural look with your new crown or bridge, restoring your smile to greatness. You deserve a whole, beautiful smile and you can have it with dental crowns and bridgework. Call Dr. John M. Burns, in Hingham, Massachusetts, to find out how dental crowns and bridgework can help your smile. Call today!


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