What Teeth Whitening Can Do for You
By John M. Burns, D.D.S.
January 23, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Teeth Whitening ResultsWhat Teeth Whitening Can Do for You

Want a sparkling smile? Professional teeth whitening can help you achieve the bright-white smile you've always wanted. Professional teeth whitening removes years of teeth stains and the process is very safe and hassle-free. John M. Burns, D.D.S., which is located in Hingham, MA, offers professional solutions for patients who want a white smile. Dr. John Burns is one of the top dentists in Hingham, MA. Read on to find out what teeth whitening can do for you.

1. You will have a bright smile.

Dental stains can ruin a beautiful smile. A professional teeth whitening treatment will enhance your smile and make you feel better about yourself. Take-home teeth whitening involves custom dental trays filled with a whitening gel that you can use at home. For in-office teeth whitening, your dentist will combine a whitening gel with a dental light.

2. You will get better results.

You will get fantastic results in less time if you have your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist. Many OTC teeth whitening products are available including whitening pens, mouth rinses, gels, strips, and toothpastes. Not everyone will see great results with OTC products. The bleaching solutions dentists use are much stronger than OTC teeth whitening kits.

3. You will see results quickly.

You can whiten your teeth in a flash with a professional in-office whitening treatment. In-office teeth whitening will give you a white smile in about 45 minutes. Professional teeth whitening treatments produce very effective results. Still another popular dental procedure is one that you complete entirely at home. A take-home teeth whitening treatment provides great results in one or two weeks.

4. You will look years younger.

Despite our advancing age, many of us want to look younger. According to a recent study, a healthy-looking smile makes adults look younger. Teeth bleaching is effective in restoring a youthful appearance. Who doesn't want to look younger- or better?

Get a celebrity smile today! Call Dr. John Burns at 781-749-6750 today to schedule an appointment for a professional teeth whitening treatment in Hingham, MA.


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